MCC comment letters & other source documents

2004 Robert Shaw letter, Consulting Environmental Planner for SMC Office of Housing, regarding use of CDBG funds, “Siting of HUD-assisted projects near hazardous operations”

2015 July 17: County letter to Buck’s Butane/Propane: CDP required for expansion and intensification of use

2017 Jan 11: MCC agenda item with Supervisor Horsley in attendance

2017 Feb 8: HMB Review article & editorial

2017 Oct 11: MCC detailed minutes re gas leaks, with Supervisor Horsley and County Planner in attendance

2017 Oct 25: HMB Review article

2018 Sept 26: MCC comments on referral of CDP application to legalize expansion of propane distribution facility

2019 July 10: MCC comments on referral of revised CDP application for Airport St Propane Facility